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Discussion in 'Site News and Feedback' started by Genesis G90, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Genesis G90

    Genesis G90 Staff Member

    This is the spot in the community where you can find all the latest "G90 Forum" website news. For example, if a new feature is added to the website - you'll read about it here.

    This is also where you'd leave feedback about your experience here. Have a suggestion for the site/forum? Please let us know! We love receiving input from our readers.

    Any questions? Just ask!
  2. srobak

    srobak New Member

    I'm going to ask what some might think is a dumb question as my first post.... but I am gonna give it a go anyhow...

    Is a separate site really necessary? Do we not think that the existing is sufficient to accommodate this? It's done fine for the Equus all this time. Obviously that site will be undergoing some evolution as new models are introduced under the badge. There will also be quite a bit of resource & platform sharing across the entire Genesis brand and that could easily translate to informational sharing between users across the models..... not to mention users who own multiple Genesis models or are on an "upgrade path" towards the G90.

    Sorry, but I just don't see a value in islanding off the G90 to it's own entire site. Much more convenient to keep the brand together with all the resources in one set of forums, one set of "new message/new topic" notifications, one set of usernames.

  3. Genesis G90

    Genesis G90 Staff Member

    It's not necessary but I like it and I think many others will too. Nobody is forcing anyone to stay if they don't like it. Many people prefer forums directed entirely to a single model. It's as simple as that.
  4. srobak

    srobak New Member

    "Leave if you don't like it" is not at all my point - and also not a good attitude to have from an administrative perspective.

    Fragmenting groups with a hard cut is just simply not a good thing. In reality - it leads to isolation, lessened communications (as opposed to more which is usually the thought process behind doing it in the first place), and over time - stagnation. Narrowing the scope that much also narrows the audience and exposure - and consequently the worthwhile contributions. I've been in the online forum game from an administrative standpoint for more than 25 years and have participated in several research groups & efforts on this exact sort of thing. It would be a lot more effective to tap into the existing userbase and grow it, vs. splintering off something that will only have limited appeal.

    This can be done well & smartly by making sub-forums by model & sub-sub-forums by topic on the existing site, and would help to keep everyone connected and on a uniform platform. This way the existing site doesn't receive lacking administrative and contributor attention to the G90 area, and this site doesn't end up isolated with low & infrequent contributions. There is an entire science behind this sort of thing.
  5. Genesis G90

    Genesis G90 Staff Member

    We have something in common. I've been working with forums since the Commodore 64. There are going to be various G90 forums popping up like weeds if one doesn't stand out strong in the beginning. Forums and subforums will be setup at the Genesis Owners site as well. This place will exist for those who are looking for a single topic community.
  6. srobak

    srobak New Member

    Well, I think the existing site DOES stand out strong and is/was doing so since BEFORE the beginning... to me this is re-inventing the wheel and making it smaller.... but I digress.

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